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Is Mimi a true story? Is the movie based on real life?

Is Mimi a true story? Is the movie based on real life?

‘Mimi’ is an Indian comedy-drama film directed by Laxman Utekar that tells the story of a young Indian girl who agrees to become a surrogate mother for an American couple. The film about social issues deals with the stigma surrounding surrogacy as well as the themes of parenting. The complex and emotional story of how a surrogate mother faces challenges to give birth and raise the baby after his biological parents refuse to accept the baby is enlightening and deeply moving. However, does the film have connections to real events or true stories? We became curious about the same thing and did a little investigation into the matter. Here’s everything we learned about the inspiration behind ‘Mimi.’

Is Mimi based on a true story?

‘Mimi’ is partly based on a true story. The film is a loose remake of the 2010 Marathi film titled ‘Mala Aai Vhhaychy!’ (which translates to ‘I Want To Be a Mother!’) directed by Samruoddhi Porey. The film deals with the topic of surrogacy and deals with the moral dilemma of whether a child should be with his biological mother or with the mother who raised him.

The director of the film, Samruoddhi Porey, spent many years of her life as a practicing lawyer in the Mumbai High Court. Porey has revealed that the story is based on a case she learned during her career as a lawyer. However, the director has not shared specific details of the true story that inspired the film. ‘Mimi’ follows the same story as its Marathi counterpart with some cosmetic changes and additions.

The most noticeable change between the films, other than the setting, is the tone, as ‘Mimi’ is more humorous. Mimi’s dream of becoming an actor is a new addition not featured in the original film. “There’s a thrill in telling gripping stories, and then there’s a thrill in telling stories based on true events. Mimi is such a story. It’s a story that struck a chord with me; it explores a beautiful relationship between a woman who never wanted to be a mother and someone who can’t wait to become one,” producer Dinesh Vijan said of the film’s story in a statement.

In reality, until 2015, India was a popular destination for surrogacy among foreigners. However, commercial surrogacy in India was an unregulated industry and legal complications often arose regarding the custody of the babies born through surrogacy. One particular real-life case, known as Baby Manji Yamada v. Union of India, somewhat resembles the film’s story. A Japanese couple, Dr. Yuki Yamada and Dr. Ikufumi Yamada, had chosen a woman in the Anand district of Gujrat as a surrogate mother for their baby.

Is Mimi a true story?

However, the couple divorced and the ex-wife refused to take custody of the child. The father had to leave the country after his visa expired, and the baby was left behind. Arrangements were eventually made to return the baby to his biological family. Commercial surrogacy has also been banned in India since 2015. The government is making efforts to regulate surrogacy, but the Surrogacy Act (Regulation) has not yet been passed by the Rajya Sabha (the Upper House of Parliament).

Therefore, as is the case with any good social film, ‘Mimi’ is a carefully curated mix of fiction and reality. The film is inspired by real-life incidents and true stories, but largely tells its own fictional story. The story is constructed to reflect the society we live in and educate the public about the responsibilities of parenthood.

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