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Inside ‘L Word’ Star Jamie Clayton’s “Colorful and Joyful” Los Angeles Apartment (Exclusive Photos)

Inside ‘L Word’ Star Jamie Clayton’s “Colorful and Joyful” Los Angeles Apartment (Exclusive Photos)

“Chaotic.” This is how Jamie Clayton (L Word: Generation Q, Sense8) describes her apartment in Los Angeles before she began working with interior designer and architect Davide Casaroli last year. “It’s very colorful and cheerful,” says Casaroli, and her furniture, collected by the actress over the years, reflects that.

But because there was so much “going on” as the designer puts it, Casaroli decided to reduce the number of pieces in the apartment while at the same time adding structure and grounding the living room with a large oval Woven rug.

“She gave me a lot of freedom,” says Casaroli. “The main theme was to use her great pieces, everything she loves, everything that is a story to her, and then we made it more functional, and we created more seating in the living room, which I wanted to be a space with different areas. to sit on. “To create an additional flow in the space, Casaroli moved the blue Matthew Williamson sofa for Duresta away from the wall with whimsical drawings by Clayton.” You can flip the sofa 360 degrees, “says the designer. The actress bought the couch in London at Harrods during filming Sense8. “It was a huge waste,” he says.

Other notable pieces include a bronze botanical sculpture by Kenneth Tilly (found in the Mimi London showroom in Los Angeles); a Lucite chair from Jeff Messerschmidt’s Pipeline series (“That was a great score for me,” says Clayton); a “classic” Saarinen tulip table and vintage swivel chairs reupholstered in deep gray. “They are surprisingly comfortable,” says the actress.

Now, says Clayton (who later stars as Pinhead in Spyglass and the Hulu reboot of Hellraiser), “His focus is on specific pieces, not 20 different things. There was an extravagance about my place that Davide helped refine. She had a beautiful way of making it all work together and telling a general story. “Or, as Casaroli puts it,” I took it down a bit and she turned it up three. “

Clayton and Casaroli had been friends before working together; the two met in Los Angeles. “I had done the first season of Sense8 And I wasn’t out yet, and I’m a little workhorse and I don’t like having time off, ”Clayton recalls,“ and I took a job at Moschino. I am friend of [Moschino creative director] Jeremy [Scott] and they were opening the Moschino store in Beverly. And Davide came shopping and we hit it off. “In addition to Moschino, Clayton notes that his favorite fashion brands include Dries van Noten and Maison Margiela.” Everything Martin [Margiela] did was great, and I love what [creative director] John [Galliano] is doing now. And Dries is amazing with his prints and this kind of quirky approach to clothing. “

Casaroli, who was born and raised in Italy, where he studied architecture before moving to Los Angeles eight years ago, also served as the project’s art curator. “Jamie is an art collector and we had a lot of fun. We went to different places in Los Angeles and ended up working with the Luis De Jesus art gallery, a large gallery downtown. They have amazing artists and most of them are LGBTQ, and they really care about diversity, which is something that both me and Jamie love. Every piece is powerful, from Zackary Drucker’s self-portrait in the living room to three pieces by Josh Reames. Love you very much.”

Adds Clayton: “The only thing I think is really important is supporting the artists who work. Art can be expensive, but there are ways to access art through Instagram. Much of the art I have in the apartment is artists I found on Instagram or from friends in New York. “

A version of this story first appeared in the December 1 issue of Newzpanda magazine. Click here for subscribe.

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