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West Side Story, 6 Classic Movie

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story is almost here, and by all reports the movie is fantastic. The buzz surrounding it even before the film’s release was quite high as it was a remake of one of the most beloved and successful movie musicals of all time, and many critics feel the new version definitely lives up to it. hype. It’s a great movie, and we can be sure that this new award season is coming West Side Story will perhaps be recognized as much as the original.

And if West Side Story becomes as successful, if not more so, than the original film production, we can be sure of one thing: Hollywood will repeat that formula. If something works in Hollywood, we know that even if no one knows exactly why it worked, it will be tried again. That means we need to prepare, because there are probably even more classic movie musicals about to be remade. West Side Story, 6 Classic Movie.

This isn’t to say that the movies on this list should be remade, but if Hollywood is going to remake classic movie musicals, whether we like it or not, they could be doing worse than considering these great movies. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, these remakes could turn out just as good as the originals, if not better.

West Side Story, 6 Classic Movie

The sound of music

There is perhaps no more popular film adaptation of a Broadway musical than: The sound of music. This movie and Mary Poppins are what made Julie Andrews a movie star, and the most popular versions of this musical’s songs are from the film adaptation, not one of the Broadway productions. This may have started out as a Broadway show, but for most people, The sound of music is a movie first.

The sound of music has previously been remade on television and revived on Broadway, but we’ve never seen a full remake of it for the big screen. There’s someone out there, a great director, who loves this movie and could do it justice.

My beautiful lady

The story of The sound of music and Mary Poppins is not complete without a review of the other great musical of the era, My beautiful lady. Julie Andrews starred in the film versions of those first two, but she played the part of Eliza Doolittle on Broadway. Still, Audrey Hepburn was great in the movie version, even if she couldn’t sing.

This is one of the best musicals of all time, if not the best movie musical ever. It seems that if Hollywood is looking for classic remakes, they should consider this one. West Side Story, 6 Classic Movie.

Boys and dolls

Most of the movies on this list have won at least one Academy Award, and while Boys and dolls no, it was nominated for a couple. The original movie version featured Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando, which is an impressive pedigree… even if Brando, while a great actor, didn’t have the best singing voice.

This one actually looks like a contender for a remake in the near future, as the idea has been around for a while and seems to have picked up steam recently. Vin Diesel has even announced that he wants to star in a new adaptation of My beautiful lady, and he arguably sings better than Brando.

Singing in the rain

It is one of the most iconic movie scenes ever produced. The performance of the song “Singin’ in the Rain” is a moment you probably know by heart, even if you’ve never seen the movie, and the musical is so good that most would argue that scene isn’t. even the best part.

While Gene Kelly’s water dance song is part of the collective unconscious, it’s hard to say how many modern movie fans have seen it, but the name recognition is there. Those two things together could be a remake. And if Tom Holland can do that play Fred AstaireThere’s definitely someone out there who can go head to head with someone as iconic as Gene Kelly.

the music man

The filming of the music man from the 1960s see many people from the original Broadway performance, such as star Robert Preston, return for the screen version. Perhaps that is why the film adaptation is such a perfect encapsulation of the stage performance. But to be sure, this is a film adaptation of a popular musical, and no one has tried to do it on the big screen since. It’s hard to be a better Harold Hill than Robert Preston, on stage or on screen.

But someone is going to try. Hugh Jackman is about to hit the Broadway stage in a revival of the music man. If we’re going to recreate classic movie musicals, it might not be the worst idea to do what the last version of this one did and borrow the stage cast for a new film adaptation.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is both one of the greatest stories ever written and one of the most popular musical adaptations ever made. Recreate the movie version The Wizard of Oz probably feels like sacrilege to many people. Many of us grew up with this. What could you add to the story that didn’t bring Judy Garland back as early as 1939? West Side Story, 6 Classic Movie.

I don’t know the answer to that question, and I don’t know if anyone does, but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to try somewhere. If the screen adjustment of Bad eventually works and someone wants to make a sequel to that, here it is.

There was a time when it looked like remakes of these movies, including West Side Story, would never happen. This is actually surprising to say given that remakes of everything else in the world seem to be on the table. And yet these classic movies became so iconic that even though they had built-in name recognition, it seemed like there was no real interest in remaking them.

But if West Side Story If it really is the success it appears to be, then Hollywood will surely learn the lesson (right or wrong) that even the most classic musicals can be recreated and be successful. Is it a good idea to remake one of these movies? Maybe not, but if Hollywood is still looking for musicals to remake, it’s a logical choice to start with this one.

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