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Gullak Season 3 Review: A Story Of Middle Class Family With Happiness, Sadness And Love

director: Palash Vaswanic

cast: Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Harsh Mayar, Sunita Rajwar

Streaming On: SonyLiv

Filmyhype.com Rating: 4/5 (four star)

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Gullak Season 3 Review: There are many such series on different platforms in the OTT space, in which the beliefs and struggles of the middle class family have been threaded into the story, but Sony Liv’s flagship web series Gullak is the most talked about and popular series, which has one season every season. Brings freshness. This series represents the tales of the class which represents the bulk of the country’s population.

Now in the third season of Gullak, the Mishra family has once again come up with a new ‘adventure’ of middle class life, the story of which will appeal to those living in small towns and cities and growing up between middle class values. The biggest feature of this Gullak is its humor. No matter how serious the situation may be in the midst of all the effort, the humor does not allow it to become dense for the viewer. Gullak 3 consists of five episodes which are streamed on Sony LIV.

Gullak Season 3 Review: The Story

At the center of the story of the Gullak web series is the Mishra family, who live in a small town in North India. You can identify the town by the tone of the characters and the way they talk. The biggest strength of the Gullak is its writing. The way this show is written, it brings people closer. ‘Increase like this… it is called decreasing not increasing…’. These characters seem to be around you. Just like Prime Videos Panchayat, which showcases the country’s rural life and order, Gullak is the perfect reflection of the Indian middle class. The biggest achievement of the Gullak is that it does not lose its grip even in the third season, which is very difficult for the writers and creators of a series.

Not much has changed in the life of the Mishra family, as the townspeople often feel. Years pass, but the way of living life does not change. Compared to cities, the older generation of households in small towns do not fall much in the trap of technological advances. Santosh Mishra is the same old honest employee of the electricity department. Wife Shanti Mishra is still ‘battling’ with Mishra ji between family and children. Elder son Anu thinks of fulfilling his dreams by taking up a private job. Younger son Aman has come in top 3 in class in 10th class, he has his own separate flight.

Gullak Season 3 Review and Analysis

Now the stories can never be reviewed. Stories can be of all kinds, good and bad, bitter, sweet, frightening, instructive. This means that whenever you weigh the real life a little on the scales of the review, just live it. The Gullak is also the same… real life, everything shown here is real. There is no room for texture. For this reason, like the first and second seasons, this third installment of the Gullak has also done wonders. There is a feeling of belonging, there are relationships that will make you feel like yourself and there are stories that will then take you in flashbacks, teach something big and maybe tell you a simpler way of living.

All the characters of the Gullak, main ones, supporting ones or say, without dialogues appearing only on the screen, no one has acted. There’s no need. Take Marathi actress Geetanjali Kulkarni, who has worked in many films and series, but this character of her Gullak Shanti Mishra has become so ingrained that this character has become her identity more than her real name. Look at Jameel Khan as Santosh Mishra, after every scene it seems that Papa is like this. What a wonderful role Vaibhav Raj Gupta in the role of elder brother. Sometimes angry, sometimes with elder brother attitude, sometimes caring secretly, the characters are filled with one but all emotions. In this case, one cannot forget Harsh Maiar as well. If you want to learn top-class comic timing with a naive face, then you have to take refuge in them.

Gullak Season 3

Bittu’s mother ie Sunita Rajbhar will also keep registering her presence. For the director of Gullak Season 3, Palash Vaswani, this time the challenges were quite high. In season 2, so many stories were shown that the scope of the third season was very less. But he proved again by bringing the third season of the Gullak that there is no dearth of stories in the life of a middle class man. Every moment is a story. For this reason, this third season of the Gullak also hits the right place. There is also a big thing that this time there is no emphasis on laughter alone. In between, social messages have been given, emotional stories have been added. It was a risk, but looking at the series, it seems to have made a great profit.

Gullak Season 3 Review: The Last Words

Well Well Well the Gullak Season 3 is a very light hearted story of a family, that connect easily with everyone. Other hand the entire cast of is phonemical at there places, characteristic dynamics are awesome. Overall this series definitely become loveable after watching last two seasons. SonyLiv genuinely providing good content for India audiences. from Undekhi, Tabbar and Scam 1992 is one of the best series made in india history.

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