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Great Britain’s Skateboarding Sensation Sky Brown Eyes Gold Medal at Tokyo Olympics

An exclusive discovery featuring skateboarding star Sky Brown + the original series documentary is available to stream in discovery today (July 21) + with games in a few days.

Reaching the ski rankings is the hope of the 12-year-old’s journey from child porter to Olympic gold medalist. The 45-minute film includes scenes never seen before family time, skateboarding training and surfing training sessions, giving the audience a unique perspective on the life and personality of this talented young athlete, relying on his years of talent, regression and ambition. It also documents Sky struggling to regain fitness after sustaining life-threatening injuries in a training crash in May 2020.

Discovery + Original Documentary filmed at Skys West Coast House in the United States, a series of stunning locations across California and Texas.

In the documentary, the enthusiastic Brigadier General speaks honestly about his ambition, tradition, training accident and his ambition to win the Olympic gold medal for Team GP at the Women’s Park Discipline to be held on Wednesday, August 4th at Ariak Urban Sports Park. Ski is currently ranked third in the world overall and will be Britain’s youngest Summer Olympian.

Achieving Sky features some of the most popular names in the world of skateboarding and surfing, including world number one street skater Naija Huston and renowned pro surfer Rob Machado, who share their thoughts on the achievements and skills of the exciting young event, Huston Future of the Huston Future.

While producing the exclusive Innovation + Documentary, Sky Brown said: “I’m so excited to see people in so many countries skyrocketing the invention. It was so much fun for the film, and I had to do some awesome things. Training with Nija Huston was crazy because he was so amazing, surfing with Rob Machado was unreal, he was so stylish and so good.

“I was so young at the last Olympics, I didn’t really see it, so I’m so excited to be in Tokyo. I want to be at the Olympics to encourage girls to go out. When they see me, a little girl like them, going taller, they can do it too. I hope I get gold, that’s the dream, but if not, I’m still got it at the Olympics, and it’s so wonderful. ”

The medal is promising in skateboarding, one of the five Olympic debut sports in Tokyo 2020, with surfing, sports climbing, karate and baseball (men) / softball (women).

A talented surfer ski who exclusively revealed in the documentary that Paris plans to compete in two categories in 2024.

In Reaching the Skies, he says: “I love surfing as much as I love skating. At the Paris 2024 Olympics I love surfing and skateboarding. ”

Scott Young, Head of Sports Production and Content at Discovery Sports, said: “Sky Brown is an extremely talented young athlete whose breathtaking skills, fearlessness and personality make her a real star, with an amazing dream. His story is captivating, and we are very pleased to be able to collaborate with Sky on the most interesting discovery + original series documentary Reaching the Sky. Unique documentary tables also include behind-the-scenes footage of Sky’s incredible rise to success and his challenging road to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. ”

+ Go to Discovery to watch the original series documentary Reaching the Sky.

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