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Freaky movie ending explained: will there be a sequel?

Freaky movie ending explained: will there be a sequel?

Here we have Freaky Movie Ending Explained as the movie was only released internationally a few days ago. Freaky had its world premiere on October 8, 2020 at Beyond Fest. It was later theatrically released in the United States on November 13, 2020 by Universal Pictures. It was then made available for video on demand on December 4, 2020. And after all this time, the comedy slasher movie finally made its way to international audiences only last month. Freaky was released on HBO on July 27, 2021, before being made available on HBO Max on July 28, 2021. Now that audiences worldwide have watched Freaky Movie, let’s see how its ending is explained. There’s a good chance we’ll get a Freaky Movie sequel. Let’s check it out.

Freaky Movie from director Cristopher Landon is a tribute to all the slasher films that came out in the past. Here he tries to bring in elements from several such films while at the same time debunking various stereotypes. Freaky follows the story of a teenage girl named Millie, who attends Blissfield Valley High School with her friends Josh and Nyla. She is regularly bullied by school jocks and has a crush on a man named Booker. Millie plays the mascot for their school’s soccer team, and on Homecoming Day, she waits for her sister, Charlene, a police officer, to pick her up. This is when she is attacked by a man called the Butcher. He was previously featured in the epilogue where he kills a bunch of people to get his hands on a dagger called La Dola. He puts the dagger on Millie’s shoulder, causing them to switch places.

What Happens in Freaky Movie?

Millie, now in the Butcher’s body, first goes to convince her friends of her side of the story. Meanwhile, the butcher, who was in Millie’s body, decides to go out and kill several people at Millie’s school. The Butcher then lures Booker into miniature golf, where Millie, Nyla and Josh arrive to stop the Butcher. Both are knocked out and are taken to Josh’s house. Here Mille convinces Booker how her body had switched places with the Butcher’s. Previously, the trio had done some research regarding the La Dola only to find out that the body switch was reversible if one of them was stabbed within 24 hours. So they set out to steal the dagger from the police station where Charlene was present.

The butcher in Millie’s body.

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