Flashback Review: The Butterfly Effect Meets Limitless and Synchronic

Flashback Review: The Butterfly Effect Meets Limitless and Synchronic

Dylan O’Brien goes on a mind-blowing reality trip into the psychedelic Retrospective scene. Which I can best describe as a twisted combination of The butterfly Effect, Unlimited, Y Synchronous. The film is an almost constant barrage of fast-cut edits, bizarre images, and slow-motion trail effects. The mystery at its core comes into focus when the antagonist experiences a crisis of conscience. Retrospective scene it’s fascinating to watch, but it becomes a victim of its own intricate plot in the final act.

Retrospective scene begins with Fred Fitzell (Dylan o’brien) and his longtime girlfriend, Karen (Hannah Gross), receiving terrible news. His loving mother (Liisa Repo-Martell) has suffered a catastrophic brain injury. Fred struggles to cope with his tragic diagnosis. His life has become a comfortable routine. He and Karen have moved into a new apartment. He started a high-paying corporate job as an information analyst. Flashback Review

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A strange encounter while stuck in traffic triggers a suppressed memory of high school. He becomes obsessed with finding Cindy Williams (Maika monroe), a former classmate who has apparently disappeared. When Fred looks for his old friends (Emory Cohen, Keir Gilchrist), they also don’t remember Cindy after a fateful night. Fred begins to experience haunting visions. His life begins to unravel as he searches further for Cindy. He soon realizes that his youthful experimentation with a powerful drug has led him to an alarming possibility.

Writer / Director Christopher MacBride (The conspiracy) unloads a torrent of sensations as he builds his complex narrative. When Fred remembers past events, they begin to blend in with his current reality. There are scenes in which the dialogue moves to a new period of time after each word. It’s a fluid process, but weird because the characters switch back and forth almost instantly to how they looked at that specific point. It’s an intriguing approach that plunges you further into the plot. Retrospective scene It gets too crazy when MacBride starts incorporating strobe effects. Anyone with photosensitive epilepsy should stay away from this film.

Flashback Review

The description of drug addiction is not the main focus, but it is well done. Christopher MacBride’s description of sustained drug use, its culture, and its consequences is accurate. The irony is that you are not making an anti or pro drug statement. The drug they use is never judged on the script. But the director shows quite precisely where the drugs lead. It’s kind of an added warning to his trippy time-traveling narrative.

Retrospective scene it loses steam about two-thirds of the way. The visual tricks become indifferent once the mystery is revealed. The ending makes sense, but I had honestly already lost interest in the existential gibberish. Dylan O’Brien is amazing as always. Your movie options are unique, thoughtful, and entertaining. Everything he’s done as a lead actor since The Maze Runner The trilogy has not disappointed. Retrospective scene previously it was titled The education of Fredrick Fitzell. The film is a Resolute Films and Addictive Pictures production. It is currently available to stream on demand and digitally with a Blu-ray / DVD release on June 8 from Lionsgate.

Flashback Review

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