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Fatma Season 2 Release Date | What are the prospects for Season 2 after the show’s success?

Fatma Season 2: Fatma is a new Turkish psychological thriller series created and directed by Özgür Önurme. It was released worldwide on Netflix on April 27, 2021 and is starring Burcu Biricik.

Watch season 1 of Fatma on Netflix now!

Fatma is a regular cleaning lady, accidentally commits murder while looking for her missing husband, Zafer, who was recently released from prison. Zafer’s dark underworld friends soon discover what she’s done, and she has no choice but to keep killing so to survive. Watch Fatma Season 2 Online

She also gets away with it because no one suspects she is anything other than a regular cleaning lady. As a result, she becomes an invisible murderer. Ultimately, murder serves as a redemption from her oppressed years of struggle and grief, and as a new facet of her character she must face.

Thoughts on Season 1 of Fatma

The show follows Fatma, a brilliant single woman who tries to fight the system and survive as an independent single woman in a world dominated by men.. On the other hand, she is also fighting for her autistic son and her missing husband. Later, overwhelmed by the injustice of a society where women have no rights,

she discovers the possibility of killing the men who threaten her and not getting caught.. She commits murder in such an undetectable manner as to identify the culprit extreme difficult. She swears she will not tolerate any kind of oppression or injustice.

Fatma Season 2 Release Date | What are the prospects for Season 2 after the show’s success?
Fatma Season 2

This show highlights the pressure and oppression facing women in Turkey. Although killing is not right, you cannot help but empathize with her life in her fate and hardship.

Will there be a season 2?

There are six episodes for viewers to enjoy in Fatma’s first season. It’s also unclear whether this will be a single-season show or a multi-season show. Whatever the original plans were, we all know how fast they can change if the series is a success. And it certainly deserves it. Download Fatma Season 2

If Netflix decides to renew the show, we can expect Season 2 to release before the end of 2022.

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