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Download Faas in HD from Tamilrockers

Download Faas : It is well known in Marathi cinema that there are always movies being made about burning and heart-pounding stories. For this reason, Marathi movies are always seen in leading cinema festivals around the world. On February 4, 2022, the upcoming Marathi movie ‘Fas’ will be released. To date, the film has won more than 130 awards at various prestigious film festivals at home and abroad and made a name for itself in Marathi cinema.

Download Faas in HD from Tamilrockers

Maheshwari Patil Chakurkar’s movie ‘Fas’ presented by Maa Entertainment is a commentary on the current state of society. Naresh Patil, Pallavi Palkar, Dayanand Avrade, Basavaraj Patil, Anil Patil, Vaishali Paddewad are the co-producers of this film. The film, directed by Avinash Kolte, tries to draw attention to some very important issues. The film focuses on the growing number of suicides among farmers, imbalances in nature and the impact of government policies on farmers and their families.

Screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Fas has been hailed at film festivals held in many places, including Rajasthan and Noida, as well as countries like Japan and Paris. Upendra Limaye, Sayaji Shinde, Kamlesh Sawant, Pallavi Palkar, Ganesh Chandanshive, Namdev Patil, Nilesh Bade, Dnyanesh Undagavkar, Umesh Rajhans, Sharad Kakade, Ishwar More, Pawan Vaidya, Vinay Joshi, Deva Pandey, Poowini Madhruti Shrutika, and played a major role in this. Fas’ main strengths are the natural presentation of community-oriented stories and the performances of rich actors. By adding lyrics and music to the occasion, work has been done to convey the theme of the film to the minds of the audience. Filming in real locations will be an exciting experience for the audience.

The film knows how to entertain as well as inform. Director Avinash Kolte said that while writing the script of this film, the subtle issues to the lives of farmers in particular have been studied very closely and with medical intellect. The audience will also experience that the medium is entertainment to show the reality of society. The movie ‘Fas’ was made by adding social awareness to the entertainment and after winning several film festivals at home and abroad, the whole film team is now very happy to present the movie Rasik Darbari, said Avinash Kolte.

The story and dialogues of Fas are by Maheshwari Patil Chakurkar and the screenplay is by Avinash Kolte. The film was filmed by cinematographer Ramani Ranjan Das and composed by Apoorva Motiwale and Ashish Mhatre. Songs written by lyricist Amol Deshmukh were composed by composer Alan KP. Made music. Art is directed by Santosh Samudra.

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