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DMK MP on Report Showing ‘Clean Ganga Fund’ Spent in State

DMK MP responds to state-level report on clean Ganga funds used in Tamil Nadu P Wilson responded on Tuesday, noting that he was unaware that the Ganges flows through Tamil Nadu.

The Times of India has reported that the DMK leader’s reaction came after the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs responded that those used for CSR projects in Tamil Nadu were ‘pure Ganga funds’.

In the last three years, companies have spent Rs 52 lakh on corporate social responsibility for the clean Ganga fund in Tamil Nadu, according to a statement issued at the state level.

“To my question about the allocation of CSR funds in DN, the Minister replied that a portion of the DN fund has been used for the KRA clean Ganga fund. I do not know that the Ganga flows through DN!” Said in a tweet.

The National Mission for Clean Ganges under the Central Ministry of Water Power has said that the Clean Ganga Fund has not been released to Tamil Nadu.

According to the report, Corporate Affairs Minister Rao Inderjit Singh said 1,316 companies spent Rs 919 crore in Tamil Nadu under CSR in 2019-20, Rs 627.7 crore in 2017-18 and Rs 829.3 crore in 2018. 19.

Wilson, meanwhile, blamed the lack of transparency, saying details about the plans had not been provided.

“For example, what are the activities undertaken in Tamil Nadu with clean Ganga funds? I will write to the ministry seeking further details in this regard, ”he said.

Officials said several companies were working to revive the Ganges under CSR funding. He added that such a company may have worked under the CSR fund and used the name Ganga.

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