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Who is Dimple Cheema?

Dimple Cheema was the bride and fiancé of Captain Vikram Batra who was martyred in the 1999 Kargil War. Dimple Cheema first met Vikram Batra at the University of Punjab in 1995.

That time, Vikram just finished his Bachelor’s degree and enrolled in a Master’s in English. However, Vikram always wanted to join the military and cleared his CDS in the first year of his master’s degree.

He dropped out of college but got his heart and stayed there with Dimple. Dimple Cheema was Vikram’s girlfriend for a year and became engaged to him prior to Vikram’s publication in Kargil.

Shershaah’s twin Vikram Batra reveals Dimple Cheema’s last words to her: ‘Will you dance at our wedding, na?’

Vishal Batra, Vikram Batra’s twin, has revealed what his brother’s girlfriend, Dimple Cheema, had told him a few days before Vikram’s death.

In a new interview, Vikram’s brother Vishal Batra spoke about Dimple’s last words before Vikram’s death. He said Dimple had asked him if he would dance at his wedding.

Speaking to one of the major newspapers, Vishal said: “I remember Dimple and I were having lunch together, six days before the disastrous day. She had come to see me off; I was heading to Delhi to work. She said to me, ‘Jab Vikram vapas aa jayega toh aap hamari shaadi mein nachoge na (after Vikram returns, will you dance at our wedding)?’ I said, ‘Of course, nachunga (I will definitely dance).’

Vishal added that Dimple was shown in the movie to be Vikram’s fiancé, but in real life they never got engaged. However, their parents were thinking of marrying them off. He further said that after Vikram’s death, both he and his parents asked Dimple to find love again, but she decided not to marry anyone else.

Dimple Cheema Biography, Wiki

Dimple Cheema was born between 1975-1979 in Chandigarh, India. He reportedly resides in Chandigarh. By one estimate, he is between 42 and 46 years old in 2021. He has attended a local school in his region to complete his basic education.

He also studied a Bachelor of Arts at a renowned university. In 1995, he enrolled at the University of Panjab, located in Chandigarh, to complete his master’s degree in English, but for personal reasons he had to abandon his studies.

Full real nameDimple Cheema.
Date of birthB / N 1975-1979.
Age (as of 2021)42-46 years.
Place of birthChandigarh, India.
SchoolPanjab University, Chandigarh.
Height (approx.)In feet inches: 5 ′ 5 ″.
In meters: 1.65 m.
In centimeters: 165 cm.
Approximate weight.)In Kilograms: 56-59 kg.
In pounds: 123-130 pounds.
Hair colorDark brown.
Hair lengthHalf.
Eye colorDark brown.

Captain Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema Love Story

Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema’s love story

Captain Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema first met at the University of Punjab in 1995. The two dated for a year before Vikram was drafted into the army and joined the Indian Military Academy in 1996. While Vikram He walked away from Chandigarh, his love for Dimple growing stronger. . The distance in their relationship made their love for each other deep.

The love and understanding between the two sharpened over time and became inseparable from memory. Whenever Vikram returned from vacation, he used to meet Dimple, and the two used to talk about their future and their life together.

The two of them spent the 4 years of their life together as a normal couple and became extremely serious with each other. The two even started talking about their marriage and their future.

After dating for several years, Vikram and Dimple got engaged. They were both planning to get married, but suddenly Vikram got a call from the authorities and they called him back to the border due to the Kargil War. Vikram Batra promised that they will marry after returning from the Kargil.

Unfortunately, Batra was martyred in the war. Dimple Cheema found it hard to believe that his fiancée was draped in the national flag.

After Vikram’s death, Dimple Cheema decided not to get married in his lifetime and is living his life as his widow. In the last 22 years, there has not been a day that Dimple does not remember him. For Dimple, her and Vikram’s love was immortal and will remain for eternity. In an interview, Dimple quoted that, “I know in my heart that we are destined to meet again, it is only a matter of time.”

Vikram Batra filled Dimple’s ‘Mang’ Cheema

Vikram and Dimple’s long position and long-distance relationship always worried Dimple. Whenever Vikram returns, the two of them talk about the same thing. One day, when DImple started on the subject again, Vikram Btara cut his thumb and filled his ‘Mang’ with blood.

He used her blood as a door to make her his wife. Recalling the day that Dimple reveals in an interview: “On one of his visits, I raised the subject of marriage because I felt a bit insecure. Without saying anything, he took a sheet out of his wallet, cut off his thumb, and filled my maang with his blood. That is the most precious moment of my life to date. Then later, I used to tease him by saying it’s a movie. “

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Vikram Batra Dimple Cheema Marriage

When Vikram was home during his vacation in March, the two decided that they would soon get married. When Vikram was ordered to appear during the Kargil War, he promised Dimple that he would return and marry her. Vikram even shared the plans with his mother and said, “I like a girl and I want to marry her, I will introduce her to you.”

Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema decided to marry once Vikram arrived from Kargil. But fate played her luck and Captain Vikram left the world on July 7, 1999. However, after her martyrdom, Dimple decided to be his widow and never married in her life. Dimple decided to live in Chandigarh, where the two spent the 4 years of their relationship together and the place where their love story began.

Some facts about Dimple Cheema

  • Dimple Cheema is not available on any social media platform.
  • Vikram Batra’s brother, Vishal Batra, said in an interview that Dimple was very excited about the marriage.
  • Cheema also settled on her wedding dress and jewelry, but broke down when she received the news of Vikram’s martyrdom.
  • Dimple Cheema said in an interview that she was so insecure about her marriage to Vikram and kept saying the same to Vikram.
  • One day, when she was showing her insecurity, Vikram took a leaf, cut off her thumb, and filled her blood into her maang.
  • For this act, Dimple Cheema called Vikram Batra ‘pure movie’.

Captain Vikram Batra BiopicShershaah

A film is made about the events in the life of Vikram Batra to pay tribute to him. The name of the biopic is ‘Shershaah’. It is run by Vishnuvardhan. The role of Vikram is played by the famous actor Sidharth Malhotra.

Let me tell you that the role of Dimple is played by the beautiful Kiara Advani. Kiara also met Dimple in Chandigarh and talked for hours about Batra and her love. Most of the story is dictated by Vikram’s twin brother Vishal Batra. The movie ‘Shershaah’ was released on August 12, 2021 in India.

Capt. Trailer for Vikram Batra’s biopic “Shershaah”

Who is Dimple Cheema?

Dimple Cheema is the fiancee of our hero Kargil “Capt. Vikram Batra ”.

What does Dimple Cheema do for a living?

Dimple Cheema makes a living from a small business.

When was Dimple Cheema born?

Dimple Cheema is said to have been born between 1975 and 1979.

Dimple Cheema is married?

After Vikram’s death, Dimple Cheema decided not to get married in his lifetime and is living his life as his widow. In the last 22 years, there has not been a day that Dimple does not remember him. For Dimple, her and Vikram’s love was immortal and will remain for eternity. In an interview, Dimple quoted that, “I know in my heart that we are destined to meet again, it is only a matter of time.”



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