Deep Review: Netflix’s Latest Thai Movie Wouldn’t Let You Sleep

Deep Review: Netflix’s Latest Thai Movie Wouldn’t Let You Sleep

Deep Review : In the fast-paced world, where people can’t get enough of anything. Are you one of those people who always cries for less time? Well, you’re not alone. Since sleeping is one of the healthiest ways to keep our mind and body at rest, there are some people who don’t want to sleep at all. How deep can you go without sleep? This is well explained in the latest Asian movie, Deep.

A Netflix exclusive film centers on the four college students who have an insomnia problem due to a drug called Deep. What happens if they don’t sleep at all? The beginning of this phase may sound great, but it isn’t. See how these four friends took the deep drug and use it in their personal lives. But what happens when you are faced with the side effects?

If you haven’t seen this movie before and are planning to watch it on your weekend, then this section is for you.

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Deep: an exclusive Netflix movie!


If psychological things are something that keeps you busy in your life, the newest Netflix movie Deep is something you must try. Make sure you get enough sleep before watching the movie because as the show goes on, you can feel a sense of insomnia.

Directed by a number of different directors, including: Adirek Wattaleela, Apirak Samudkidpisan, Sita Likitvanichkul, Thanabodee Uawithya and Jetarin Ratanaserikiat. The one hour and forty minutes film showed the audience the psychological things in one’s life.

In addition, the public has praised the show, but the critics have not appreciated the film very much.

One thing that makes the film so basic is the sleeping theme. History is proof that everything related to sleep and science has always made the movie greenhouse. I think you are already familiar with Inception and The Machinist, these movies are an example of that.

Furthermore, Deep follows the same root of these movies and didn’t succeed much in it. As the film focuses on four different medical students pursuing their different lives in the same country, things get interesting. Let’s take a quick look at the plot of this film in detail.

Deep: what is it about?

deep movie

Deep follows the story of 4 medical students and their lives. Jane, who studies medicine, has a habit of going for days without sleeping. As a medical student, she has to read and learn many things. These things prevented him from sleeping and the dream of chasing more became necessary for her.

As the story progresses, Jane finds herself paying a lot of mortgages. Her grandmother is not in the best shape and she also has a sister June to take care of. After discussing all these issues, her professor advised her to participate in the German pharmaceutical trial that offers cash prizes.

The company was working on a project to keep the coma patients alive and this was done by a drug called Deep. Also, the drug formulates a chemical in the brain called qratonin.

She goes to the center and agrees to take their given medicines and the company offers her a large sum of money. Since Jane already suffered from insomnia and has a habit of waking up at night, she uses her time as best she can.

Soon Jane meets 3 more students who have been given the same medicine. After much interaction, these become friends. Jane, who is a scholar and wants to be a great doctor one day.

The other is party animal Win who always goes to clubs and enjoys his best life. Next up comes Cin, a social media influencer. And last but not least. Peach, a nerdy game addict who always spends his time playing online video games.

Here’s a twist, because the drug didn’t make their people sleep, but if they happened to fall asleep, they will die. Now these four students maintain their friendship so as not to fall asleep. In order to live, they must do that.

Deep: a little bit about the cast

Deep Review

The film casts Thai actors, who performed quite well in the film. As I mentioned above, the movie cast 4 medical students who have different passions and different problems in their lives. Most of the scene revolves around Jane.

In addition, Jane’s character is played by Panisara Rikulsurakan. She is a medical student and has financial problems in her house. To get rid of these problems, she insisted on taking Deep in her body.

There are many other characters in the story that play an important role. Here is the list of these people, help yourself to know more about the cast.

  • Panisara Rikulsurakan plays the role of Jane
  • Kay Lertsittichai will star as Win
  • Supanaree Sutavijitvong plays the role of Cin
  • Krit Jeerapattanuwong as Peach
  • Warisara Jitpreedasakul as Jun
  • Dujdao Vadhanapakorn is cast as Professor Nichcha
  • Wongsakorn Rassamitat as Father of Win
  • Bhumibhat Thavornsiri will be seen as Jed
  • Philaiwan Khamphirathat
  • Kim Waddoup

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Deep: official trailer and release date

The film was officially released on Netflix on July 16, 2021. Before the actual release, Netflix released an official trailer for the public to get a rough diagram of how the story is rendered.

Here, Netflix did a great job of shooting a shot that didn’t reveal much of the story yet tries to build the suspense.

Is this movie worth watching?

If you’re confused about this movie and wondering if you should watch it or not, here’s the answer. The story is about 4 students who somehow fall into the trap of a man and he orders him to use this drug as the target of his research. The movie gets off to a great start.

If you watch the movie, you will think that maybe the idea of ​​choosing the drug was pretty good. And of course the money. The show gets interesting as these four get more excited about the drug. They don’t sleep and now they can devote their time to their personal work.

In addition, they started to spend more time on what they love and it clearly gave them a positive response in return. As the film progresses, you will find that these will endure many hardships in life. The story about not sleeping has many emotions. The thing to note here is that these young actors did a great job building the show.

However, if the writer had tried to make the ending of the show a little more suspicious, it would have turned out just as great. Thai movies are generally great to watch and as Netflix is ​​trying to find more variations on their stories, this would be something that suits your choice.

What are the ratings of this show?

Before we end this article, let’s take a quick look at this movie/ as the movie follows a great story but many people have already seen this insomnia thing in many Hollywood movies. Audiences have found Deep to be the normal and good to watch movie and rated it with great ratings.

On the other hand, critics are not that fond of this movie and rated it with the worst rating. The IMDb rating of this movie is 5/10. Not only this, but Deep has a 22% rotten tomato rating and 2/5 in common sense media.

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What happens if you don’t sleep at all? The answer lies in the latest Netflix movie, deep. The story is about four students who get into the drug Deep. With this drug, they cannot sleep at all. This movie, released on July 16, 2021, has had a mixed reaction from the people and critics. Similar to what many Hollywood movies portray in their story, the sleep or death situation is seen in many movies. People didn’t find this Thai show very interesting and the story lacked creativity. Still, many people loved this show and responded positively to it.

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