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Dalit Bandhu Scheme to Start from Huzurabad, Says KCR; Woos Cong Leader Kaushik Reddy to Join TRS

After welcoming Kaushik Reddy and other leaders from Karimnagar into the TRS fold, party chief and Telangana chief K Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday announced that the state government’s Dalit ball project would be launched from Huzurabad, the previous Karimnagar polls in September.

“The TRS is not a ‘Sanyasula month’ (a seat of monks), it is a political party that will start benefiting from the Dalit ballot from Huzurabad,” KCR declared.

“The Dalit ball is not for elections because it will empower the poor SCs to get Rs 10 lakh through a security fund with a supportive structure,” he added.

He declared amidst applause from the crowd that KCR was not selfish to start Dalit ball from his Gajwel section and would instead start it from Huzurabad.

He has already announced that he will spend about Rs 1,500 crore to Rs 2,000 crore to empower SC through Dalit Bandhu, a flagship project to be launched soon before the by-elections in Huzurabad division.

KCR expressed concern over poverty and depression among Dalits and said the government has introduced the Dalit Ball Scheme for their development.

He appealed to former Congress leader Kaushik Reddy and asked the young leaders to work according to his plan and plans for the welfare and holistic development of the new state achieved after 15 years of struggle.

Ministers D. Harish Rao, SC Welfare Minister Koppula Eeswar, MLA Balka Suman and other leaders were present.

Praising Kaushik Reddy for joining the ruling party KCR, he recalled that his father also took part in the Telangana state movement.

Starting with the list of DRS members, it reached the state leadership after 15 years of struggle, finding problems, insults and obstacles caused by Andhra leaders and rulers.

Despite the government’s opposition, it is implementing schemes such as filling goats and lakes for Yadavs, providing water to villages and pensions for the elderly.

“We are proud that our farmers have produced 3 crore metric tonnes of paddy and donated 91 metric tonnes to the FCI, which may be due to irrigation and other projects,” he said.

He lashed out at the Andhra rulers for destroying systems as the government generated 16000 MW of electricity and increased it to 30,000 MW by next year. KCR took a swipe at the opposition for their rhetoric on welfare and development projects.

He said no one had asked him for these plans for development everywhere.

Despite opposition allegations, KCR said that we provide basic amenities in villages with roads, greenery, cemeteries and dumping yards.

Meanwhile, Kaushik Reddy thanked the Prime Minister for providing a better future.

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