Cult Classic Dark Fantasy Movies That Never Got A Sequel

Dark fantasy movies are a very niche genre. Not many watch them and those that do, remain loyal to the genre until the end of time. Hollywood has given us many cult classic dark fantasy movies. But only a few of them have managed to cross that benchmark of perfection.

These dark fantasies certainly may not be the best and brightest of the Hollywood lot. But they sure kept the viewers at the edges of their seats. And we sure as hell hope they get a sequel some day.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Is A Must-Watch

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

There are some movies that are good and memorable. There are some that are bad and yet people still remember them. And then there are some really underrated movies that deserved to be in the spotlight but didn’t. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is one of those movies. It has a stellar cast, an epic premise, and incredible character development.

Miss Peregrine is the mentor/caretaker of a group of children living in a house. Each of the children have unique powers. A young lad named Jake must work together with Miss Peregrine and her children to save them from scheming enemies called Hollowgasts.

Horns Is Daniel Radcliffe At His Absolute Finest

Horns Dark Fantasy Movies
Horns Daniel Radcliffe

We will never know why Horns does not get the recognition it truly deserves. There is suspense, horror, thrill, and comedy in equal amounts. Dark fantasy movies don’t get any better than this. Horns is a mishmash of supernatural elements and a tragic romance story.

Daniel Radcliffe plays a man who is accused of sexually assaulting and killing his girlfriend. As society starts ostracizing him, he starts growing horns and attains supernatural powers akin to the devil. Now he must use these abilities to find the real killer and clear his name.

Pan’s Labyrinth Is Guillermo Del Toro’s Best Work

Pan's Labyrinth Dark Fantasy Movies
Pan’s Labyrinth

If we are making a list on dark Fantasy movies, it will remain incomplete if we didn’t mention Pan’s Labyrinth. Del Toro has pioneered the genre of dark fantasy movies, giving us some true classics like Hellboy and The Shape Of Water. None of them though come close to his work on Pan’s Labyrinth.

Ofelia has recently moved into her stepfather’s house. There, at night, a fairy comes to her aid and leads her to a faun. the faun informs her that she needs to complete three tasks to prove that she’s a princess.

A Monster Calls Will Remain A Timeless Gem Forever

A Monster Calls Dark Fantasy Movies
A Monster Calls

The movie – A Monster Calls is the brainchild of director JA Bayona. It was such a grand critical success that it won more than two dozen awards on its animation and storyline alone. From Gaudi to Goya and Platino awards, A Monster Calls has it all.

A twelve year old boy named Connor encounters an ancient tree like monster. But instead of running away, Connor eventually finds peace and solace in the tree monster’s company. The tree monster helps the boy cope with his life’s problems, helping him become a better person.

Corpse Bride Was Once The Pinnacle Of Dark Fantasy Movies

Corpse Bride Dark Fantasy Movies
Corpse Bride

Director Tim Burton and Mike Johnson joined forces for this project. And the result was absolutely spectacular. It is one of the most heart-wrenching and beautifully animated movies ever in Hollywood history. It is also one of the most rewatchable movies of all time.

A man named Victor is silently practicing his wedding vows deep in the woods, He encounters a skeleton like entity named Emily. Emily then takes Victor to the land of the dead. In this supernatural realm, all kinds of adventures follow.

Edward Scissorhands Gave Us Johnny Depp In All His Glory

Edward Scissorhand's Dark Fantasy Movies
Edward Scissorhands

Seldom do we come across a person who says they haven’t heard the name of this Tim Burton classic. The movie has great direction from Burton and Danny Elfman’s music gives it a chilling, eerie charm that is hard to notice in other dark fantasy movies. Edward Scissorhands helped launch Johnny Depp’s career, giving him mainstream success.

An Avon lady named peg encounters a synthetic man with scissors for hands. She takes him in after Depp’s character’s inventor/mentor passed away. He is then charged of a crime he didn’t commit.

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