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Chabuk Marathi Movie Review: A beautiful poem on celluloid!

CHABUK (Marathi)

Producer-Director: Kalpesh Bhandarkar

cast: Sameer Dharmadhikari, Smita Shewale, , Milind Shinde, Vaidya Advait and Sudhir Gadgil

Platform or Release: theatrical

This small and beautiful movie is about a married couple. Anant Yadnyopawit (Sameer Dharmadhikari) is an overambitious and possessive architect who will not let anyone interfere in his life or work, whereas on the contrary, his caring and loving wife (Smita Shewale) manages to look after the family which includes their only son. The couple’s life takes a turn for the worst when the wife meets her college friend. That’s because Anant has demons from his past, which he is hiding.

Sameer Dharmadhikari shines in his three dimensional role well as Anant Yadnyopawit, by being true to himself when displaying his tantrums and mood swings as actor and lending proper justice to his character while Smita Shewale is not only beautiful but also endears herself to the viewers with her skill as his wife. Advait Vaidya, Sudhir Gadgil and Milind Shinde prove that they are good actors.

Chabuk Marathi Movie Review: A beautiful poem on celluloid!

For the uninitiated, Kalpesh Bhandarkar, who is none other than the younger brother of popular Hindi maverick film director Madhur Bhandarkar, has worked as an assistant cameraman on numerous Hindi movies and is now making his directorial debut with this project.

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Though the screenplay by Kalpesh Vasudev Bhandarkar and Sameer Adhikari leaves a lot to be desired as it has quite a few loopholes and what’s more, it starts meandering half way through, Kalpesh ought to be commended for setting out to make a film which sets out to drive home a pertinent message today when each and every one is gearing only towards massing wealth at the cost of familial values ​​to lie low and concentrate on mental as well as spiritual health and be attached to one’s family consisting of parents, wife and children. The film also sets out to show us why it is important to introspect before doing anything hastily.

To sum up, the film Chabuk is a well-made Marathi film which is a beautiful poem on celluloid and even as you are appreciating the goings on the screen, you realize that the film comes to an end in just about an hour and a half and is a feather in the cap of the debut making director as well as the leading man Sameer Dharmadhikari.

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