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Buy or Sale Books Online : We all know books play a very important role in everyone’s life but the problem is we can’t buy all the books or we can’t afford the new books for just one time reading.

As avid readers, we always want to collect and read as many books as we can. But more than often, we are compelled to cut down on our bookish needs because, let’s face it, books can be pretty costly!

Buy or Sale Books
Buy or Sale Books

So here’s one of the cheap and best online bookstores that I personally like to buy pre-loved and used books from :

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Buy or Sale Books Online

“Better World” isn’t just a name for every purchase made on, a book is donated to someone in need (over 13 million to date!). These online booksellers also partner with libraries and college campuses to collect used books, many of which are donated to literacy nonprofits around the world. Buy or Sale Books Online

In addition to all of their reusing and recycling, you can also go paperless Better World Books is one of the only discount sites that offers eBooks. Need it now? You can opt for eDelivery any physical book can be scanned and sent to you in a digital format in as little as two hours, Buy or Sale Books Online

Buy Book Online
Buy Book Online

Free shipping worldwide and they pay for carbon offsets to minimize the eco-footprint of all those books traveling around the globe.

This US-based website offers a huge collection of new and second hand books online which includes best sellers from top authors like Jeffrey Archer and Mario Puzo (author of the Godfather series), travel books, textbooks and story books for kids.

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Looking for a good bargain? Checkout their Bargain Bin section for a super selection of used books online and avail of steep discounts – like 20% off if you buy 4 or more second hand books. And did we mention, they also ship orders to India – for free.

Buy Old Book Online
Buy Old Book Online

This online bookstore has recently come up, providing readers all over India with amazing deals on various kinds of books. Be it Sci-fi , Romance , Self help or Fantasy, they have it all on their website ranging from Indian authors to authors all over the world, Buy or Sale Books Online

If you need a books which is not available on the site, you can request it to them through their Website. My favourite feature is that You can also ask them for a quality check of the books you have ordered and they will willingly send you pictures and videos of it to make sure you are satisfied with the purchase.

They set the prices according to the book conditions, and some books are sold for as low as RS 35 !! They also provide Free Shipping and Cash on delivery is also available, Buy or Sale Books Online

Sale Book Online
Sale Book Online

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