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Bob Biswas Movie Download Leaked On Filmyzilla Filmywap Mp4moviez

Download Bob Biswas Movie: Bob Biswas is a crime and thriller Bollywood movie which is directed by Diya Annapurna Ghosh. Abhishek Bachchan, Chitrangada Singh work as lead characters in this movie. This film will be released on December 3, 2021 in Zee5.

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The movie has been leaked online through various illegal movie websites like IBomma, MovieRulz, Tamilrockers etc. But we advise you not to use such sites to download and watch movies. We highly recommend watching these movies on official OTT platforms and movies.

Bob Biswas Movie Cast

NameBob Biswas
Genrecrime thriller
Date of publication03-dec-21
CastAbhishek Bachchan, Chitrangada Singh
DirectorDiya Annapurna Ghosh
ProducerGauri Khan

Movie about Bob Biswas

A man with a past he can’t remember. A film with a past that we cannot ignore. Together they should have gotten our creative minds in a flash. They almost do that in the first quarter. And after that, a level of boredom kicks in and the movie submerges. Neither Weave Bis was the thrilling ride composed by Sujoy Ghosh, nor Sway Bis was the executioner wholly researched by Abhishek Bachchan can be compared to their individual heralds.

A side project of the person who completely nailed Saswata Chatterjee in 2012’s extraordinary Kahaani, Bounce Biswas is a disappointingly pale figure who all but repeats the chilling impact the first professional killer had on the public. With an entire movie dedicated to him and his veiled thought processes, Sway has a lot going for him. He often shrinks under the weight.

There is minimal in Weave Biswas (except for the broad elements of the person and areas and the dark back entrances of Kolkata) which are intentionally intended to revise the main components from which Kahaani is made. That serves, as it were, to prevent the film from becoming a simple Kahaani sequel.

Bounce Biswas, spilling on Zee5, has its own gradual process mood interspersed with explosions of activity. Parts of it can be viewed prominently, even held intermittently. The result is nevertheless disappointing to a certain extent.

First time chef Diya Annapurna Ghosh conveys a smooth and consistent film. However, it is generally not as influential and propulsive as the artistic work produced by the eponymous person.

The hero has no recognition of past things. The audience, for its part, has memories of Sujoy Ghosh’s smashing Vidya Balan-drove Kahaani. Correlations, cursed as they are, are inevitable. We look for a similar kind of frisson in this kahaani woven around one of the supporting characters who took on a daily existence and rationale of its own in the 2012 film. The assumptions generally remain unfulfilled.

This is not to say that Bounce Biswas does not have redeeming properties. It’s an all-round film OK. It has its share of striking minutes. The scenario revolves around a limited drug called Blue, which helps understudies curb their test blues. Bounce gets sucked into the traders universe.

Bounce returns to ‘typical’ presence after being unconscious for a very long time. He can’t remember what happened before an accident left him out of action. He accidentally swims into the hidden world of Kolkata and becomes entangled in the risky wiles of heartless street pharmacists, degenerate cops and their crude cohorts.

Controller Indira Verma (Tina Desai), after the murder of a crook and his associates outside a dingy bar, is in the killer’s path. Bounce is on her radar.

Movie Trailer of Bob Biswas

Bob Biswas Raja Alternatives to Download Movies

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