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What Is Black Fungus: Black Fungus Amidst Covid-19, Know Symptoms and Prevention

What Is Black Fungus: Today, through this post, we are going to know the symptoms and how to avoid this disease, because Black Pang is being said to be more dangerous than coronavirus, read the information completely so that you can read any information through this post. We will try our best to tell you the prevention and symptoms of this disease.

Most of the people know what disease the whole world is battling, due to corona, many types of diseases are coming among us, like now along with coronavirus, the name of a new disease has also been added which is very much inside the body. It plays fast, whose name is black fungus and you can see its symptoms with your own eyes, the evidence of this disease has been seen in many people in India and according to the information it has also been found that this black fungus Because of this many people have also died.

In the midst of the second wave of coronavirus in the whole of India, a disease called black fungus has come here in August i.e. cases of fungal infection are coming and most of the people here are getting black fungus because they have been or are getting infected with coronavirus. The greatest care should be taken by those people

Those who have not yet been infected with corona, this disease has also been seen in those people who have conquered corona and have reached home after recovering completely but everyone knows that any disease once. After coming into the body, the symptoms of that disease can be seen even later and in a similar way, the symptoms of this disease called black fungus are visible in those people.

What is mucormycosis 

Its scientific name is mucormycosis. According to ICMR, this is a rare fungal infection. It spreads very fast in the body. This leads to loss of eyesight. In many cases, deaths are also taking place.

Who is more at risk – Black Fungus And Diabetes

According to ICMR, this infection is spreading rapidly among people with weak immunity. Patients recovering from corona need to take special care. Apart from this, if the sugar level increases in patients who have diabetes, then this infection becomes fatal.

Now we are going to know the symptoms of this black fungus, which are visible after coming into the body of this disease.

  • fever or severe headache
  • Cough
  • bloody vomit
  • nose bleeds or black discharge
  • pain around eyes or nose
  • red marks or rashes around the eyes or nose
  • eye pain, blurred vision
  • Cheek bone pain, One sided facial pain, Swelling on one side of face
  • Feeling loose in the teeth, severe pain in the gums
  • chest pain, shortness of breath

Black Fungus Prevention

Contact doctor immediately. It can be cured with antifungal medicines. When these symptoms appear, do not start taking medicines on your own. This is the biggest precaution that you should contact the doctor if any symptoms appear so that the treatment of that disease can be taken properly and easily. The most important thing to keep in mind to win over the disease is that you do not have to take any pill medicine of your own free will.

And you must take any medicine according to the advice of the doctor, all the people know that the diseases in the world have a small form at the time of onset, which can be easily conquered but When the same disease spreads inside our body due to our carelessness, then we are not able to pay good attention to it.

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