Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote Star MAA (Online Voting Poll) Hotstar Voting Live Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote Star MAA Voting Online Poll– Hotstar Voting Live Missed Call Numbers : – The show premiered on 4th September 2022 on Star Maa Television. Watch the below space for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Winner, Bigg Boss 6 Contestant Details, Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Eliminations Details and Bigg Boss 6 results.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Vote Online Polls (సీజన్ 6 )

Hello Friends all BB Telugu fans are searching online for How to vote in BB 6 Telugu 2022. So don’t worry now Because we bring all Latest Info about Bigg boss telugu voting. Here is the complete details about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote process and method: The second season of Star maa Bigg Boss 6 Telugu has been started on 4th September 2022. The show begin in Star Maa TV with 16 celebrity contestants from various categories. Nani replaced Jr. NTR as the host for the new season. That is some definite number of contestants will be taken to Bigg Boss House and they will have to be there with absolutely no connection with the outside world. Big Boss in Telugu has completed its 5th season last year. So this year also it is about to start with its 6th season. So here we are to give you all details regarding this 6th season and bigg boss telugu vote.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote


Viewers can save their favourite contestant by casting their votes online. Viewers have to search “Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” on Google and cast their votes. The Fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu invited common peoples for the first time into the decorative house. Bigg Boss is a show where the housemates nominate a participant in the beginning of the week for that week’s eviction process. The bigg boss telugu Five promises to be even more entertaining and exciting than the first. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 2022, Bigg Boss Telugu Vote can also be used as a voting keyword in Google. The Contestants list for the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 and their complete details are given below.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Contestants Vote

Sr No. Contestant Name Profession
1 Adi Reddy Youtuber
2 Bala Aditya Actor
3 Arjun Kalyan Actor
4 Arohi Rao Actress
5 Abhinaya Sree Actress
6 Chalaki Chanti Actor
7 Faima Youtuber
8 Geetu Royal Youtuber
9 Inaya Sultana Actress
10 Keerthi Bhat TV Actress
11 Rohit & Marina Sahni Actor/Actress
12 Shani Salmon Actor
13 Neha Chowdary TV Anchor
14 Revanth Singer
15 Sri Satya Actress
16 Shrihan Actor
17 Sudeepa Pinky TV Actress
18 RJ Surya Radio Jockey
19 Raja Shekar Model
20 Vasanthi Krishnan Actress

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting poll for season 6 will be conducted each week to eliminate one contestant from the show. Check out below know more about Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online, Missed Call Number, Status, Results, Week Elimination Details.

Official Site for BB VOTING: bigg boss voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Vote Details

Name Bigg Boss Telugu
Host Akkineni Nagarjuna
Channel Star Maa
Timing 9. 30 PM – 10.30 PM (Weekdays)
9 PM- 10 PM (Weekend)
Genre Reality Show
Release Date 4th Sept 2022
Contestants  Check Here
Language Telugu
Running Time 90 minutes approx.
Voting Methods  Hotstar Voting – Missed Call Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting – Season 6

Here we are with the entire details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. You have the option of voting for your favorite contestant either online or offline. So here is the complete step by step guide to voting.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

For voting online for your favourite contestant you should, Online voting can only be done 5 days per week. That is, voting lines are open just from Monday (10:00 PM) to Friday (11:59 PM). So keep track of days and vote either before or after Saturday and Sunday.

The show is going to star up from 4th Sept 2022. The premiere is on that day. Already the timing and schedule have been out.

From Monday to Friday you will see Bigg Boss Telugu on star Maa from 10:00 PM and on weekends you will see it from 9:00 PM with Nani as Host.

Bigg Boss Telugu Live Hotstar App

Bigg Boss Telugu Nominated Contestants 4th Week

This Week These Contestants Nominated for Eviction.

  1. Arohi
  2. Arjun
  3. Geetu
  4. Inaya
  5. Keerthi
  6. Raj
  7. Revanth
  8. Shrihan
  9. Suddeepa
  10. Surya

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 – Public Opinion Poll

we are now here to reveal the nominated contestants for the Fourth week of elimination.

How to vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants on Hotstar App?

This year Bigg Boss Team introduced a new Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Method. Now you can vote your favorite contestant directly from Hotstar App. Follow the steps below to know how to vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants from Disney + Hotstar App.

Hotstar is also the streaming partner for the Bigg Boss show. You don’t need to worry about Bigg Boss Telugu Hotstar voting method because I will be explaining the step by step process for the Bigg Boss Telugu Hotstar Vote mechanism.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online


  • First Download the Hotstar App from Google Play Store.
  • After Downloading the App Install the app on your mobile phone.
  • Sign up using your Google account/Gmail or mobile number.
  • Search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Show” or “Bigg Boss 6 Telugu” or “Bigg Boss Telugu” on Hotstar
  • Click on the official Banner of the Show.
  • You will now see a line “Voting for today is now open” along with the VOTE button.
  • After clicking the vote button you will see the list of nominated contestants of that particular week.
  • To vote for your favorite contestant, tap on the photo, and submit your Bigg Boss Telugu voting.
  • Remember if you tap once, you can register one vote. Tap twice, register 2 votes.
  • You can register a maximum of 10 votes per day by tapping on the contestant photo on the Hotstar app.
  • You can split the 10 Bigg Boss Telugu votes to different participants or use a total of 10 votes to a single participant.

బిగ్ బాస్ తెలుగు ఓటు ఆన్‌లైన్

దశ 1. మీ పరికరంలో Google Chrome ని తెరవండి.

దశ 2: బిగ్ బాస్ 6 తెలుగు ఓటును శోధించండి.

దశ 3. ఎలిమినేషన్ నుండి మీరు సేవ్ చేయదలిచిన పోటీదారు పేరుపై క్లిక్ చేయండి.

అంతే. మీ ఓటు వేయబడింది.

ఆన్‌లైన్ ఓటింగ్ సోమవారం 10 PM నుండి శుక్రవారం 11:59 PM మధ్య మాత్రమే ఆమోదయోగ్యమైనదని గుర్తుంచుకోండి.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants? 

Here below I’ll tell you some cool Telugu Bigg Boss 6 Voting Methods. So, just check out quickly!!

  • Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu 2022 Vote Through Google Account
  • Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting Through Missed Call Voting process

Before talking about these voting process, first, let me tell you role of voting system is important in Bigg Boss and how it’s work.

1.) Viewers need to Google search the keywords, ” Bigg Boss Telugu Vote ” or ” Bigg Boss Telugu Voting ” or ” bigg boss telugu vote google

2.) Now in the search page, you can see list of nominated contestant. Click your favourite contestant and move voting bar to make total number of votes.

3.) For a day from one email address, You can cast maximum of 50 votes. Viewers can able to split the vote as per convenience in that 50 numbers.

4.) After completing 50 Votes, Now click on Submit vote button to finish the process.

Note: Bigg boss telugu vote google – online voting poll will be available for five days every week from Monday Night 10 PM to Friday 11.59 PM. Viewers can not able to register vote on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Bigg Boss Telugu Voting online,How To Telugu Bigg Boss Vote Polls,

Star Maa Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote Online Missed Call Number

Telugu viewer interested to cast his/her vote, by using Missed Call Mechanism, will be subject to the following. Only people in India are able to vote in Missed Call method using mobile phone. The contact number should be valid Indian number registered with network operator.

BIGG BOSS TELUGU VOTE: Star Maa Bigg Boss Show Online Google Voting Poll Details

Bigg boss telugu vote number – Here is the complete list of Missed Call numbers of Each Bigg Boss Contestants:

Once the contestant list is out, A dedicated number will be assigned for each contestant. You can vote for your favourite contestant by giving a missed call to the number.

S.No Name of Participant Number assigned Status
1 Keerthi Bhat missed call number 7288877601 In the house
2 Sudeepa missed call number 7288877602 In the house
3 Srihan missed call number 7288877603 In the house
4 Neha missed call number 7288877604 In the house
5 Chanti missed call number 7288877605 In the house
6 Sri Satya missed call number 7288877606 In the house
7 Arjun missed call number 7288877607 In the house
8 Geetu missed call number 7288877608 In the house
9 Abhinaya missed call number 7288877609 Evicted
10 Marina missed call number 7288877610 In the house
11 Rohit missed call number 7288877610 In the house
12 Bala Aditya missed call number 7288877611 In the house
13 Vasanthi missed call number 7288877612 In the house
14 Shaani missed call number 7288877613 Evicted
15 Inaya missed call number 7288877614 In the house
16 RJ Surya missed call number 7288877615 In the house
17 Faima missed call number 7288877616 In the house
18 Adi Reddy missed call number 7288877617 In the house
19 Rajashekar missed call number 7288877618 In the house
20 Arohi Rao missed call number 7288877619 In the house
21 Revanth missed call number 7288877620 In the house

Big Boss Telugu Vote Eliminations

 Bigg Boss Telugu vote: All the watchers will be voting Bigg Boss Telugu 2022 every week. The Bigg Boss Contestant who gets less number or the minimum number of votes will be eliminated. The contestant who faced the wrath of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 elimination will be out of Bigg Boss House.

Check : Bigg Boss Telugu Eliminated Contestants Name This Week

There are two types of Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Procedures which will help you save your favourite contestant from being eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu Show. We will mention the procedure below and you could save them with your Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Rules:

  • All the Contestants will be given the same treatment irrespective of their celebrity status
  •  Lapel should be with Bigg Boss Contestants all the time.
  • Only Telugu must be spoken in the Bigg Boss House.
  • No one is allowed to leave the house unless he faces the wrath of Bigg Boss Season 6 Elimination
  • No one should discuss his or her nomination process
  • No one goes to bed without the permission of Bigg boss

Bigg Boss Telugu Finale Winner Voting

Many of the Bigg Boss Fans were just waiting for the show finale and the wait is now over. The finale episode is near and this is the final chance to all for Bigg Boss Telugu Finale Vote online. Your votes are precious and more precious if it is the finale of Bigg Boss Telugu. The Season 6 is going to be wrapped up. Soon Bigg boss Telugu finale votes will decide the fate of any one contestant. The one who will get maximum votes before finale episode week- will become the ultimate winner. So do not just forget to do finale voting for the ultimate contestant.

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