Best Animated Feel Good Movies Similar To Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a Disney movie that will undoubtedly become a classic. It bears all the trademarks of classic films from the past. It successfully combines gorgeous animation with a compelling plot, culminating in a bittersweet conclusion that leaves the audience feeling both joyful and sad. Baymax, the robot from Big Hero 6, is adored by fans.

Hiro, a little child interested in robotics who lives in San Francisco with his elder brother Tadashi and Aunt Cass, is the protagonist of the novel. Tadashi, like Hiro, is fascinated by robotics and has pursued studies in the discipline. He was the one who came up with the idea for Baymax, a robot that would look after people.

During a traumatic occurrence in which Hiro loses his older brother, he seeks solace in Baymax’s embrace. With an impending threat, Hiro and Baymax band together with their new allies to save the city. Despite its tragic moments, the film is an action-packed and thrilling adventure for all people looking for a feel-good film. The characters are inspiring, strong, and brave role models for everyone looking for a little hope in a dark time.

Obviously, this is quite similar to many of the other animated films produced by Pixar, Disney, and other studios over the years, and it’s worth considering what other animated films are available to see that will strike the same chords as this highly popular animated picture .

7. Meet The Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons tells a tale of Lewis, a 12-year-old orphan who sets out to create a memory-capture machine in order to learn more about his birth mother. A mystery stranger in a bowler hat sabotages his experiment when he is giving a presentation at the school’s science fair. Then Wilbur Robinson, a young man who claims to be from the future, invites Lewis to join him on the adventure of a lifetime. Meet The Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons is a movie that I’m sure many people have never heard of. It’s a rare Disney animated film that has gone unnoticed, which is unfortunate because it’s a fantastic animated feature. Meet the Robinsons features an odd yet compelling plot as well as a cast of eccentric characters. It’s time to meet this fascinating futuristic family if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

6. Onward

Onward had the unfortunate misfortune of being published at the height of the pandemic, and as a result, it didn’t receive the attention it deserved from the public. There’s a lot of chemistry between Chris Pratt and Tom Holland in this film, but it’s also one of those storylines that really pulls at your heartstrings, since it’s about two boys’ deep love for their father. Hopefully, future generations of moviegoers will enjoy this picture as much as I did.

Movies Similar To Big Hero 6

It takes place in a suburban fantasy world, where Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two teenage elf brothers, go on a quest to find if there is still some magic remaining out there. To spend one final day with their father, who passed away while they were too little to remember him. Their adventure is full with cryptic maps, magical spells, inconceivable barriers, and unbelievable discoveries, just like any good quest. When Laurel, the boys’ fearless mother, discovers that her sons have gone missing, she partners up with the renowned winged-lion-scorpion former warrior to track them down. Aside from the perilous curses, this one magical day may mean more to them than they could have imagined.

5. Inside Out

Pixar appears to have written the book on making films that are both deeply touching and hilarious at the same time. Anyone who has seen their smash film Within Out understands that this is the greatest way to describe the picture, which is about a group of emotions inside a little girl’s brain. Joy is played by Amy Poehler, who is genuinely effervescent, and the film contains some truly entertaining portions. Simultaneously, it investigates the nature and importance of grief in a healthy psychology.

Movies Similar To Big Hero 6
Inside Out

Riley for growing up is a difficult process. When her father begins a new job in San Francisco, she is uprooted from her Midwest life. Riley is guided by her emotions, which include Fear, Joy, Disgust, Anger, and Sadness, much like the rest of us. Riley’s emotions are housed in Headquarters, the command center of her mind, where they counsel her on how to spend her life. Chaos reigns in Headquarters as Riley and her emotions adjust to a new life in San Francisco. Riley’s major and most essential emotion, Joy, seeks to keep things upbeat. The emotions clash as they try to figure out how to navigate a new city, residence, and school.

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