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Attack Movie News Release Date and Updates

John Abraham is all set to beam out a blockbuster next year. John Abraham’s upcoming movie Attack will be a high voltage action thriller set to be played both in India and abroad. Attack will be the first of three releases from John Abraham in the year 2022. Actor John Abram will star in Attack, the impending Bollywood movie. He is also co-creating the film with Pen Studios’ Jayantilal Gada and Ajay Kapoor. The film story is based on a hostage situation.

Cast & crew:

Attack is a Bollywood action drama written and directed by debutant Lakshya Raj Anand. In the film, John Abraham plays the lead role. Attack movie is a race against time story of rescue by an Attack team led by a lone ranger played by John. The film is a fictional story inspired by true events, set against a hostage situation that brought a nation to its knees. It stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Rakul Preet Singh as pivotal characters.

Movie plot:

The movie story as Watch the rise of a nation as future wars are fought using technology and India evolves. It is his own fake smart super soldier to fight the runaway terror attacks that plague him from within. They focus on one soldier who has lost everything he loves. As he risks his life for the greater good and to serve his country.

Teaser Details:

The Attack movie teaser was released on the Pen Movies YouTube channel on January 28 in the year 2022. The teaser makes us curious about this film. The teaser gets the ultimate response from the audience and gets more than 20 million views within 1 month.

Release date details:

The film was expected to hit theaters around the world on August 14, 2020. However, it was postponed due to the recording break. It will now be released on January 28, 2022.

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