Andrew Garfield should get a third solo movie

Andrew Garfield should get a third solo movie

This article will contain spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. This means that we are going to be talking about more than just confirmations of the rumors that appear in the movies, but also some details that require a close look at the film. It’s all for one reason: to explain why Andrew Garfield has a third standalone movie as Spider-Man in the Awesome line of Spider Man movies. The actor stood out when we reprise his role as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home and it opened the door for an interesting new story with this actor’s version of the Marvel hero.

First let’s tackle the madness that is Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s cast. This film brought together Tobey Maguire, Andrew, Garfield, Tom Holland and an ensemble of villains from their respective Spider Man franchises for the ultimate explosion of legacy and culmination. In many ways, the film reenacts moments and stories that fans actually wrote themselves when they wanted the characters to return, which is part of why the film has been such a success, both in response to and for its fast-paced journey. to a trillion dollar box office pull.

The success of No way home is first of all quite interesting. A movie with all three Spider-Man actors should always have been a success, but this box office monster has all the right ingredients. Sony once ended and canceled the Maguire saga Spider Man 4 in favor of a reboot with Garfield. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and a series of spin-off films were scrapped years later in favor of a partnership with Disney’s Marvel Studios, where Holland stepped in the role. Prior to this partnership, Spider-Man movies were trending in the wrong direction at the box office. Years later, the partnership has led to a huge success and everything moviegoers love about all three franchises with the added touch of Marvel’s Doctor Strange character was thrown into one super entertaining movie. It is an unprecedented level or collaboration between two major film studios.

A common highlight mentioned by fans in the No way home movie full of great returns and moments: Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man. While the actor Awesome movies aren’t exactly hailed as living up to the Awesome title, Garfield is rarely the subject of criticism for those films. Now he has given a brilliant energy to Not really House and delivered one of the film’s most emotional moments when his character caught Zendaya’s MJ, providing a bit of redemption or closure for the character who lost his Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider Man 2. This came after Garfield’s Peter Parker opened up about getting vindictive in the wake of Gwen’s loss, eventually meeting a Maguire version who now says he’s “trying to do better”, and a Dutch version bent on getting save enemies, even those responsible for his pain. It has revived interest in Garfield’s version of the character.

Andrew Garfield should get a third solo movie
(Photo: Sony Pictures / The Amazing Spider-Man)

It feels like the stage is set for Garfield’s next outing, should Sony want to bring him back and Garfield is still interested in playing the part. He met other versions of himself and saw how they deal with grief, while also learning that there might be hope for a happy ending in his personal life after all (Maguire told him that he and Mary Jane have made things work, in his universe) . The stories are there for this one; Garfield’s character will have to move on emotionally with the loss of Gwen and his actions in the time that has passed since, Tom Hardy’s Venom is on the table as an option for a thrilling crossover, and the many Spider-Man villains seen as white silhouettes appeared as the multiverse began to tear open No way home (more about that in our malfunction video) are available for use by Sony.

However, such a decision will be motivated by box office dollars. The Amazing Spider-Man made more money than the sequel. In the time that has passed, appreciation for Garfield’s work in the role has aged over time and peaked with his role in No way home. Garfield’s Peter Parker traveling to another universe drew a lot of new fans to the character and his story (The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was trending over the weekend of No way home‘s release). As it stands, Sony and Marvel Studios will have Spider-Man appear in another Disney-owned Marvel movie before going back to the drawing board regarding their future together.

assuming a Amazing Spider Man 3 Disney wouldn’t deter the idea of ​​having a Dutch-portrayed Spider-Man in the MCU’s main canon universe, while Garfield and/or Maguire portray Spider-Man in Sony-controlled films, Sony (who owns the film rights for the wallcrawler a few decades ago) can tell their own story. In fact, Sony can do that with or without Disney’s input, but if the studio is interested in partnering with Disney on more multi-billion dollar movies in the future where the vast majority of that box office revenue goes to them, they want to perhaps consider the stance of the other studios (especially considering that the Netherlands seems particularly interested in continuing the role if it’s part of the Disney-owned MCU).

“It’s mutual. So we lend one, and they lend one, and so is Benedict” [Cumberbatch] is in this movie,” Sony CEO Tom Rothman explained to ComicBook.com on the No way home premiere. “So we have another ‘loan back’ that has been committed. But what I can say, and this is actually the right first on this, is that the two companies have a great working relationship. I think it’s a mutual hope that but there is nothing definite at this point because the truth is we have to drive [Spider-Man: No Way Home] and see what happens.”

(Photo: Sony Pictures / The Amazing Spider-Man)

Another easy (and optimistic, as a fan) way to look at it is this: if DC Comics movies can have multiple people playing Batman (the franchise’s biggest character) in separate movie franchises, why can’t Marvel have that with Spider Man? the batter will introduce Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman in a brand new and fresh canon, while Zack Snyder’s introduced Ben Affleck version of the character will appear in The flash, where Michael Keaton will reprise his role as the Caped Crusader for the same film before reprising it in Batgirl. The MCU has undoubtedly been more organized in the DC movies, but it has now also earned the trust and understanding of the audience to tell the stories of individual universes simultaneously.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an incredible achievement and the interconnectedness of all the popular characters is a huge reason why moviegoers return to it again and again. With the multiverse opening up and Sony showing an interest in using the Marvel properties it has access to (see: Venom, Morbius, Jackpot and more), a third Amazing Spider-MaA movie starring Garfield seems to fit Sony in what’s been called “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.” Can’t have a Spider-Man universe without a Spider-Man, right? Perhaps Garfield’s franchise can still qualify for its spin-offs and interconnected universe, apart from the main MCU continuity.

This would serve the fans who want Holland’s Spider-Man to continue appearing alongside Avengers heroes and see a Spider-Man crossover with the likes of Morbius and Venom, and give Sony an outlet to make his own movies as he continues to collaborate. working with Disney and Marvel Studios for crossovers and multiverse stories that could one day bring them all back together. This is certainly a simplification of what might have to happen to the future of Spider-Man movies when so much money and rights are involved at the box office, but it’s a nice thought nonetheless. Who would have thought it possible to see Maguire, Garfield and Holland together as Spider-Man in the first place?

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