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Amid Talk About CM Yediyurappa’s Exit, Guessing Game on Successor Gains Traction

B.S. Yeddyurappa, who will complete two years in office on July 26, has in some quarters dismissed reports that the party’s central leadership is actively seeking to replace him.

Many names make rounds as an alternative to the 78-year-old Lingayat strongman. Despite the long list of aspirants for the post, a BJP executive said the challenge for the party was to find a suitable replacement who could fill Yeddyurappa’s “big” shoes.

The BJP is said to be hoping for a generational shift in state leadership and a steady shift in power, but finding an alternative to the party’s “undeniable mass leader” in the state has never been easier. The BJP will have to strike a balance when implementing this change of leadership, as it will have to see that it does not oppose the Veerashaiva-Lingayat community, which dominates its main voting base, on which Yeddyurappa is gaining considerable influence.

The Veerashaiva-Lingayat community, which is estimated to make up about 16 per cent of the state’s population, is seen as the BJP’s main support base in the state and is often opposed to the removal of Yeddyurappa. There are some reports that the party may name a surprise candidate for the chief ministership as it has been tested in other states.

Among the names making the rounds as Yeddyurappa’s successor are Union Minister Pralhat Joshi, BJP National General Secretary CD Ravi and the party’s National Organization Secretary PL Santosh. Joshi and Santosh Brahmins; Ravi, who is an MLA from Chikmagalur, said Vokalika, another dominant community in the state, is mostly concentrated in South Karnataka, where the party is trying to infiltrate.

Another Brahmin name spoken of is the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Visvesvaraya Hegde Kageri. There has been no Brahmin Chief Minister in the state since 1988 after Ramakrishna Hegde.

Yeddyurappa’s Pete Noir and senior MLA Pasanagauda Patil Yadav, who has been publicly criticizing the prime minister and seeking his removal, had recently said that the prime minister would choose an honest leader with Hindutva ideology to ensure victory for the BJP in the next election, indicating that there might be a “surprise choice”. Position of Chief who can do. If the party wants to replace another leader from the Veerashaiva-Lingayat community who dominates Yeddyurappa, it is up to Mining Minister Murugesh Nirani and MLA Arvind Bellad.

Although Nirani is a businessman-politician, recent repeated visits to Delhi have raised eyebrows in party circles; Pellet is an MLA from Hubli-Dharwad West Assembly constituency. Yes, he is said to be one of the disgruntled legislators looking for Yeddyurappa’s outsider. Ballad had recently been accused of tapping his phone and in some cases attempts were being made to fix him.

Although Yatnal’s name has been circulating for the post of chief minister of the Veerashaiva-Lingayat community, his repeated remarks embarrassing the party and the government may go against him. Yadav had recently clarified that he was not contesting for the post of Chief Minister.

Among the current state ministers, the names of Home Minister Basavaraj S Pommay (Lingayat), Revenue Minister R Asoka and Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwat Narayan (Vokalikas) are also making rounds. Another Lingayat leader from North Karnataka – former Chief Minister and Industry Minister Jagadish Shettar – is also seen as a contender.

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