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After K’taka Crisis, Pegasus May Have Played Role in My Govt’s Downfall: Kamal Nath

Madhya Pradesh Congress leader Kamal Nath on Wednesday slandered the Center for spying on rivals, the media and critics of the central government, claiming that Pegasus spyware played a role in the fall of the Karnataka government.

Spying with the help of Pegasus has nothing to do with national security, but it is linked to the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nath said, with more revelations lined up in the future.

If the Center says it did not buy the spyware from Israel, why can’t it say so in its affidavit in the Indian Supreme Court. With the unanimous opinion of the Opposition, S.C.

Nath asked the French government to immediately investigate the allegations, so why not in India, noting that the Indian government had not only purchased spyware from Israel, but also licenses to spy on enemies, the media and critics. .

There are three ways to tap phones – through landlines, by tapping cell phones or by spyware like Pegasus, they infiltrate target phones and computers to take data to the desired destinations, the senior leader said.

He said that Prime Minister Modi visited Israel in 2017 and started spying on Pegasus in December of the same year and the spyware landed in India in 2018-19 and he did not link the arrival of spyware but it was a fact.

“When the state government was overthrown in Karnataka, Pegasus was said to have been used there,” Nath said, and when asked if it was used when his own government was overthrown, he said it could also be because the MLAs kept at the Bangalore resort were used to have his cell phones taped to staff. Say and talk to him.

“I said it was the Sauda (horse trade) government.”

Asked about tapping Union Minister Prahlad Patel’s calls, Nath said they may have received threats from the minister, who knew that Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s phone had also been tapped, he said with a smile.

He said the e-tender was exposed during the last tenure of the Shivraj government, but the investigation into seven e-tenders continued and he ordered the authorities to expand the investigation, which reached 90-100 suspicious tenders. But after my government was overthrown, nothing happened and he said he did not use this study to hunt down anyone because he was busy working for the state.

He also blamed the BJP for raising inflation, saying fuel, pulses, cooking gas, milk, eggs and other essential commodities have shown unprecedented rise in prices, which has plagued every sector. The middle class is being harassed, while many of the poor have become beggars, Nath said.

‘I did not leave the MP’

Retiring from speculation that he had accepted a key responsibility in the AICC, Nath clarified that he had met Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, but wanted to make it clear that he was not going anywhere from Madhya Pradesh. As Rahul Gandhi was not interested in taking up the armor again, news came that Nath might be appointed as the IICC president in the future.

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