Above Suspicion Review: Emilia Clarke Stuns in Backwoods True Crime Thriller

Above Suspicion Review

Above Suspicion Review: Emilia Clarke Stuns in Backwoods True Crime Thriller

Emilia Clarke lifts without help Out of suspicion with a brave and brutal performance. The film is adapted from an infamous true crime that took place decades ago in the Appalachian forests. An illicit affair between an informant and an FBI agent spirals out of control with tragic consequences. Out of suspicion it’s loaded with drugs, sex, and violence, but unfolds like a shoddy cable movie of the week.

Emilia clarke plays Susan Smith. In 1988, in Pikeville, Kentucky, Smith was living in a trailer park with her two children and her ex-husband, Cash (Johnny Knoxville). She was regularly beaten, addicted to cocaine and a welfare trap to support her family. Smith yearned for a better life, but was never able to escape the sinkhole of his environment. She and Cash organized drug-fueled parties with local hooligans. Above Suspicion Review

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Jack Huston co-stars as Mark Putnam, a recently promoted FBI agent with a young wife (Sophie Lowe) and a newborn daughter. Putnam scorned his transfer to Pikeville, but saw it as an opportunity to move forward. A bank robber had attacked eleven banks in the area. While investigating the crime, he came into contact with Cash and Susan Smith. Putnam soon realizes that Susan lived in the nexus of drugs and robbery. She was completely in love with handsome Putnam. But becoming an FBI informant was dangerous business. Snitches were despised and didn’t last long in the Kentucky hills. Above Suspicion Review

Out of suspicion succeeds in her heartbreaking portrayal of Susan Smith. She was a product of her environment. Crime, domestic violence, and addiction were an accepted fate; anything to dull the monotony of his existence. Mark Putnam represented a refined and sophisticated departure. He was everything she ever dreamed of in a man. He saw a better life for her and her children through him. Putnam was intoxicated by his fiery sexuality and his ability to further his career goals. The film clearly defines their disparate agendas. She desperately needed to escape, but was inexorably dragged into a worse situation. Above Suspicion Review

Above Suspicion Review

Out of suspicion puts a lot of emphasis on salacious details, but not enough in exposition. The secondary characters are highlanders or drunken law enforcement officers who snort coca. Smith’s sister (Thora Birch) has a semblance of normalcy, but she only has minutes of screen time. Australian director Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games, The bone Collector) gets bogged down in the filth of the narrative. Too much character development is left on the table. An initially intriguing scene between Smith and Putnam’s wife had the potential for dramatic depth. But instead of exploring further, drugs and sex are coming back to the forefront.

Emilia Clarke displays significant rank in this fearless role. She portrays Susan Smith as desperate, naive, and foolishly impetuous. Clarke is beaten to pulp in several stomach-churning graphic scenes. She gives it her all in this movie. Even his southern accent is flawless. You couldn’t get further away from game of ThronesDaenerys Targaryen, mounted on dragons, or Sarah Connor, who shoots weapons in Terminator Genisys. Out of suspicion it is worth seeing as a showcase of his talent. The film is currently in theaters and is available for digital download from Lionsgate with a DVD / Blu-ray release on May 18.

Above Suspicion Review

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