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Abhishek Banerjee Calls for Defeating Delhi’s ‘authoritarian Duo’ as TMC Aims for Pan-India Presence

Senior Trinamool Congress leader Abhishek Banerjee on Wednesday said his party would not be affected by the BJP’s “intimidation tactics” and would ensure that the country was “freed from the shackles of dictatorial twins sitting in Delhi” in the 2024 Lok Sabha. Elections. The TMC National General Secretary, the son-in-law of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, has condemned the arrest in Tripura of several party leaders and workers accused of violating the Govt-19 rules and participating in the TMC Martyrs’ Day celebrations. Northeastern State.

“We will not be affected by the threats and intimidation of the BJP. We must ensure that India is freed from the price of dictatorial twins sitting in Delhi,” Diamond Harper MP said, without elaborating on whom he refers to as “twins”. “I would like to thank the leaders of the various political parties who attended our event. We must all fight together against the dictatorial regime. The TMC will fight under the guidance of Mamata Banerjee. West Bengal will be a beacon for the country,” he said. C concluded the program after the President’s speech.

The Member of Parliament, who was appointed the party’s national general secretary after a landslide victory in this year’s assembly elections, played a key role in ensuring that the annual Martyrs’ Day event was an exhibition and aired in various parts of the country. He has been given the responsibility of expanding the party’s base across the country.

We strongly condemn the attack on AIT official supporters in “BJP 4 India ruled states”. We will not be affected by such intimidation tactics! At #ShahidDibas, I reiterate that TRINAMOOL will not get an inch in the fight against the oppressive forces. Come what may! “For the third time in a row after the party’s massive victory, the TMC has pledged to spread its wings to other states to achieve a pan-India presence, and the Martyrs’ Day event was used to elevate its national identity.

The virtual address was not only addressed by leaders of various parties including the NCP, Congress, Shiv Sena and Samajwadi Party, but also broadcast live in states such as Punjab, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and the polls. Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Several senior TMC leaders were sent to these states to participate in live streaming programs.

“We are in Uttar Pradesh today to spread Mamata Banerjee’s message to restore democracy in the country. The Samajwadi Party has supported us during the assembly elections. They are our allies. Ray said. Banerjee’s speech was aired on big screens in West Bengal and other states.

In West Bengal, Banerjee spoke in English, Hindi and Bengali and aired the speech, which was translated into local languages ​​in other states. The TMC aired Banerjee’s speech on big screens in several districts of Gujarat, the home ground of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah ahead of the Assembly elections in 2022.

Graffiti and posters depicting Banerjee as the ‘mother’ associated with the late AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa have arrived in Chennai as the TMC is entering the southern states for its first visit to Tamil Nadu. Also, the party’s mouthpiece ‘Jako Bungalow’ became the first weekly daily on Wednesday.


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