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A Police Movie: End Explained What Happened To Teresa & Montoya! Netflix movie

A police movie is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end Read more! A police movie is almost half way before the full extent of its plot is revealed, and even then it still has a few surprises in store. Director Alonso Ruizpalacios’ thrilling and unpredictable take on two police officers in Mexico City combines documentary and storytelling techniques to provide a refreshing and innovative look at the challenges of modern policing, as well as the underlying corruption that makes police officers the best. more severely vulnerable to a system set up against them.

A police movie

Numerous documentaries have been made on the subject, but Ruizpalacios’ dynamic approach is rooted in the energy of hard-working officers, consumed by work obligations, at least until it backfires. them. The film also revolts and reinvents the structure midway through with mixed results.

But the degree of risk and intrigue underlying his critical approach to law enforcement supports an unusual method of questioning a subject so often seen solely in dark terms. If you want to know the explanation for the end of A Cop Movie on Netflix, Read more!

A police movie: ending explained

Halfway through the film we learn that the story of Teresa and Montoya shown up to that point was played by actors. As the illusion fades, A police movie The center of gravity of the story shifts to the two actors, Mónica del Carmen and Raúl Briones, who undergo intensive and genuine training as police officers.

Through video diaries, Mónica and Raúl tell about the routine they follow at the academy. They give an inside report on why other members of the academy chose to become police officers, ranging from necessity to dreams. Mónica and Raúl question the wide gap between the training received and the skills needed to work as a police officer on the street.

The reason behind the film’s almost too honest dialogue seems to become apparent when another layer is removed on the end of A Cop Movie. We meet the real Teresa and Montoya. We learn that they told their stories as Mónica and Raúl lip-synched them. With sometimes charming honesty, they state that they are part of a broken system that causes nuisance between civilians and officers.

As their frustrations mounted, Montoya said he was ashamed to become a police officer, and Teresa regretted not living up to her expectations. Finally, we learn that in the winter of 2019, Teresa and Montoya decided to leave the police force, increasingly disillusioned with the dysfunctional system they thought was punishing them for doing their job. While it can be assumed that the decision to quit may have been difficult to make, the years may have weighed on Teresa and Montoya as well. From what we can see, they seem to live a life away from public attention.

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