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A Million Little Things season 4 episode 13 preview: ‘Fresh Start’

A Million Little Things season 4 episode 13 preview: ‘Fresh Start’

Following what you have a chance to see on ABC tonight, it obviously makes sense to want A Million Little Things season 4 episode 13. Why wouldn’t you? There are a lot of big things coming for the rest of the season. Hopefully, that means more opportunities to smile, tear up, and feel all of the feelings possible. This has been a mission statement with this series from the start, and absolutely we don’t see that changing in any form in the near future.

The good news is that we know that there is another episode airing on the network next week! The bad news, however, is that nobody has handed over all that much in the way of good news about it. The only thing that we can say with confidence is that the title here is “Fresh Start.” That can mean many things to a lot of different people, but we take it to mean that at least one character is excited to start things over and have a clean slate as they look more towards whatever their future could be.

In general, we know there are a lot of episodes to come this season still, and that allows us a chance to assess further what’s going on with the likes of Eddie, Katherine, and many of the other core characters here. Also, it could give us a very-welcome window into what their future could be!

The one thing we wish we had more of a window into at the time of this writing is what the long-term future is going to hold here. There still is no word on whether or not there will be a season 5. We’re hopeful in the sense that we’d like a show like this to get a proper ending (regardless of if it’s season 5 or some other time), but we’re also well-aware of the fact that networks tend to make whatever decision they feel like at any given moment.

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