5 best shows on Voot, Disney+ Hotstar and more you can watch today

With a mid-week break coming tomorrow, life has never been so good. But in case you’re confused about ways to spend it, we suggest checking out these shows and movies on Voot Select, Disney+ Hotstar and BookMyShow Stream:

5 best shows on Voot Select, Disney+ Hotstar and BookMyShow Stream

1. The Sopranos – Disney+ Hotstar

5 best shows on Voot, Disney+ Hotstar and more you can watch today
The Sopranos is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar

Often considered the crème de la crème of drama television, The Sopranos follows Tony Soprano, an Italian-American mafia head based in New Jersey. He struggled to balance his family and crime business and eventually finds solace with his psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi. How this boils into something much bigger is what The Sopranos is all about. A show that ran successfully for six seasons and is one of the best shows of all time.

2. Asur – Voot Select

Asur what to watch today

Asur, streaming on Voot Select, is the perfect dose of crime-solving that will get you hooked right away. The story follows a forensic investigator who along with his mentor at the Central Bureau of Investigation tracks down a serial killer. Cleverly written, Asur never goes overboard with the storyline and is extremely realistic which significantly adds to its experience.

3. Vikram Vedha – Disney+ Hotstar

Pushkar Gayathri Suzhal

Even though this movie created some of the biggest noise when it came out, I was quite late to the party. But I totally understand all the noise. Starring Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi as the titular characters, this cop-criminal caper plays really well into the dynamics of these two powerful characters and blurs the lines between good and evil. Both actors deliver their best performances and with a soundtrack that will leave you exhilarated at the end, Vikram Vedha is a delight to watch.

4. Becky – BookMyShow Stream

Becky is streaming on BookMyShow Stream

An action-thriller about Becky who tries to reconnect with her father in what could have been a much-needed weekend getaway at a lake. Things turn on their head when a few convicts on the run, led by a merciless boss Dominick suddenly try to invade their home. The movie stars Lulu Wilson as the titular character and also features Kevin James in a pivotal role.

5. Ad Astra – Disney+ Hotstar

Ad Astra

Although if you break it down to its roots, Ad Astra is just a movie about a son trying to find his long-lost father. But add outer space to it and with the fate of the universe in balance, the story gets a lot more interesting. Ad Astra features a really good soundtrack from Max Richter and stars Brad Pitt in the lead.

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